Dallas Lone Star Basketball League Rules

League Rules



1. NCAA, NBA and the following Recreation Center rules and regulations will govern the basketball league.

2. CLOCK - Four Ten-minute Quarters with a "running clock".

  • a. Clock stops on every whistle the last One minute of each quarter.   Clock will not stop if the lead score is (20) points or more (this is the blowout rule).
  • b. Clock stops on time outs.
  • c. The clock does not stop on a technical foul.

3.  Each player must play at least 10 minutes (One Quarter) per game.  It is the responsibility of the captain and player to make sure everyone plays.

4. TIMEOUTS - Each team is allowed three full (30 Seconds) timeouts.  In overtime, each team will be granted only one timeout per overtime period.

5. INDIVIDUAL FOULS - The personal foul limit is 6 per player; after the 6th personal foul, that individual will have to come out of the game.

6. TEAM FOULS - After the 5th team foul in a quarter, two foul shots will be awarded.  In the last minute of the quarter, if a team has committed three or less fouls, the first foul will be considered the 4th foul of the quarter.  The next foul will result in two foul shots  (NBA rule)

7. TECHNICAL FOULS - Any abusive language or unsportsmanlike conduct to any player or official will result in a technical foul and possible ejection of that person and / or captain.

  • a. Two technical fouls from any individual will be an automatic ejection from game, Recreation Center, and the next scheduled game.
  • b. Second ejection from a game results in suspension from league. (Board must approve the player for the next season in order for that player to play)
  • c. All teams receiving three (3) technical fouls during a game will forfeit the game regardless of the score.
  • d. A player who receives their 3 rd technical foul during the season will not be allowed to play their next game.
  • e. A player who receives their 4 th technical foul during the season will not be allowed to play the remainder of the season including playoffs.

8. THREE POINTERS - Three point shot is in effect. If a player is fouled on a three-point attempt they will receive three foul shots.  We will use the NCAA college 3-point line.

9.  OPENING JUMP BALL - The winner of the opening jump ball will receive the ball to start the 4 th quarter.  The team losing the opening jump ball will receive the ball to start the 2 nd and 3rd quarters.

10.  Alternating JUMP BALL - The possession arrow will go to the team that loses the opening jump ball.   If a "Jump Ball" is called, the ball will be given to the team with the possession arrow.   The possession arrow will change to the other team once the ball is back in play.   The possession arrow DOES NOT change due to the start of the 2 nd, 3rd and 4th quarters. 

11. OVERTIME - Three (3) minutes will be placed on the clock in case of overtime, the clock will be stopped for each whistle during the last One (1) minute of the overtime.

In the regular season, the second overtime period will end once the first team scores (Sudden Death Rule).

In the playoffs, the second overtime will also be three (3) minutes and the clock will only stop in the final one (1) minute.  The third overtime, will be decided by the first team to score.  Team fouls reset after each overtime period.

12. OVERTIME TIMEOUTS - Each team will be given one (1) timeout for each per overtime period.   No timeouts will carry over.

13. GAME TIMES - Check League Website

14. SCOREKEEPING - Each team must provide three (3) representatives to do books/scoreboard/stats for their assigned game. If a team fails to show up for their scorekeeping responsibility, they will forfeit their next game.


15. Only team captains will confer with referees regarding any rule infractions.

16. It is the responsibility of the captains to inform his or her team of game time.

17. Game time is forfeit time: each team must have at least 4 players in the gym and ready to play at their designated time regardless of any prior game delays.

18. LINEUPS - Must be turned in to the scorekeeper at least 5 minutes before game time.

19. FORFEIT MAXIMUM - If any team forfeits twice they are automatically disqualified from the league and post seasonal tournament games.

20. UNIFORMS - All players must have league issued jerseys (Reversible Blue and White).  Home Team will be White.  Visiting Team will be Blue.  Players must purchase jersey.

Substitute Players


  • a. A player on another team can sub for a team for FREE.
  • b. A player not on a team must pay a $10 subbing fee before the game starts.
  • c. A player can only sub for a team one (1) time
  • d. Subs must be of comparable skill level/rating and must be pre-approved by a DGBA board member.
  • e. A team can only pick up a maximum of 2 subs.  If a team picks up a sub, their roster for the day cannot go over 7 players.   For example, if a team has 6 roster players, the team may pick up 1 sub.
  • e. A team may play with a minimum of 2 roster players and 2 subs.
  • f. Subs can play at any time during the game.
  • g. If any of these rules are violated the team will automatically forfeit that game.
  • h. Subs may not be used during playoffs.
  • I. A player may sub only once for a team during the season.
  • J. Sub players must play at least 10 minutes in the first half


22. Official rosters will be finalized the game before the final game of the regular season.  A player must play at least one regular season game in order to be eligible for the playoff roster.

23. If a team falls below 5 roster players after the roster is finalized due to injuries, they may be allowed to pick up a player(s) in order to get their roster to 5.

24. A team cannot replace a player for any reason if a player is suspended from the league for any reason.

25. In order to remove a player from the roster, the player must submit a request in writing to the Board.  No refunds for the season fee will be given.

26. If a player has missed at least 3 games, the captain may submit a request to the Board to have the player removed from the team.  If a player is removed from the team by missing 3 games, the captain may pick up a new player as long as this happens before the roster finalization date.

27. Players added to a team must be of like skill level of the player being replaced.  For example, if a B player resigns, the team can add a new B player to their roster.

28. There will be no refunds after league begins.

29. A tie in the regular season standings will be first compared by head to head. If not resolved, secondly point spread and/or possibly back to head to head point spread and so on.

30. The league director reserves the right to act at his/her discretion on any matter not covered in these rules and to interpret these rules as he or she sees fit.

31. It is the responsibility of the captain to make sure that his or her team reads, understands, and abides by these rules.

32. Any situation that is not addressed in the rules, the DLBA Board will decide on how the situation will be resolved.  The DLBA Board decision is final.  The DLBA Board may consult with the captains of that season.

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